Sunday, June 9, 2019

Maxim Magazine The Company Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Maxim Magazine The Company - Essay ExampleThe success of the magazine publisher in its primary market has resulted into expansion into other countries including US, Argentine, Canada, India and other countries. This success of the magazine therefore has made it one of the strongest brands in the fabrication which firm is excessively utilizing in its other projects. Such success and brand development also outlines that the Maxim as an organization is also becoming successful and the overall remainss , procedures and close of the organization has resulted into its success over the period of time.The question of whether Maxim is a closed(a) organization therefore depends upon a closer analysis of the overall system of the organization, its values as well as culture. It is also important to understand the peculiar dynamics of the media industry in which Maxim works. This also signifies that impact of the industry can have important significance for the organization as a closed syst em.Within the norms of the public media, the companies work as a closed system owing to the fact that message or output is communicated from a single source to potentially passive audience. This suggests that the output of the closed systems like Maxim simply depends upon the Maxims managements decision as to what to target and what to deliver. Further, it is argued that the contents of the Maxim are relatively irrelevant as well as the informal. (Proffitt)One of the essential characteristics of closed systems is based on the fact that closed systems are owned by single company. Maxim is a subsidiary of the US based Alpha Media Group. Single ownership of the company suggest that the Maxim is a closed system given the fact that its overall output is more than direct and lack openness in terms of the its audience.It is however, critical to understand that the services or businesses related with internet are often considered as the closed systems. Organizations like Facebook are trea ted as closed systems

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