Monday, June 10, 2019

Final term paper Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Final term paper - Essay ExampleNatural resources like water supplies, fisheries, forests, mineral products, timber, and even the air should be maintained sustainably so these resources can recover and be renewable for years to come. It is an imperative need to use lifelike resources in a prudent and prudent way for survival. Richard Buckminster Fuller is a famous inventor, systems theorist, designer, architect, and more notably, also a futurist who once remarked that normal human is designed to be a success and the public gets designed to support that success. Man is essential to the success of the domain itself (Fuller, 1967). From Fullers perspective, Man and Universe are co-existent and need each other for support and success. Man should achieve success via the Universe and the Universe requires Man to make it a better place. The Universe and Man exist in synergy and through their interaction each becomes successful there is a mutu exclusivelyy beneficial relationship and t his Fuller paraphrase indicates or implies a symbiosis. In other words, it connotes the impression Man is designed for success and it is only up to him to secure that success. The default mode for Man is to be successful and any failure is again up to him only there is no hotshot to blame but Man if something goes horribly wrong. Fullers thinking is Manifested in his architectural designs. Discussion Although Richard Buckminster Fuller (1895-1983) has Many great contributions to science, design, engineering, and architecture, his most famous and iconic design is the geodesic dome which is composed of a shell- or lattice-structure superimposed with a network of spheres or circles on the surface of a much larger sphere. This design is reminiscent of an eggshell which is considered as one of Natures most efficient designs ever because it maximizes its utility and at the same minimizes the use of raw materials or natural resources to achieve a utilitarian design. In other words, it ex tracts and exploits natural resources at Mans disposal but minimizes damage to the environment by using only what is unavoidable as absolutely necessary. The Universe provides Man with the natural resources he or she requires for survival and success. The Universe provides Man for all his basic needs of food, shelter, and clothing by providing him with all forms of material things and the energy required to transform these things. Natural resources such as water and land enable Man to become creative in shipway so he or she can make use of them to become socially and economically successful. A normal Man would take advantage of the resources offered by the Universe to catapult him or her to success but this is to be taken not literally but only figuratively. Man should use his or her resources wisely. The wise of use of resources is conceptualized and evidenced by the development of geodesics which is the scientific and academic discipline involving the study of how to form an enc losed space that is strong, lightweight, curved or spherical in shape that gives a rare stability to a structure and more importantly, provides or encloses the greatest volume with a least surface area required in other words, this design makes good use of the

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