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Sex Trafficking in America Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Sex Trafficking in America - Research Paper Example t that this crime has on its victims and the approaches employed by the victims to cope up with the consequences, giving recommendations that would curb the spread and consequences of the crime. Human trafficking has been widely acknowledged as slavery in the modern context. According to Loftus (2011), this comes from people being forcefully, coercively or fraudulently induced to undertake forced bonded labor, forced labor or even forced prostitution. Most of the victims would be lured to the US with a promise for better opportunities to earn money only to find a different scenario when they get there. Of particular focus on this paper would be human trafficking involving forced prostitution referred to as sex trafficking. McCabe and Manian (2010) adopt the United Nations’ definition of sex trafficking describing it as coercive, forceful or fraudulent induction of an act of commercial sex or a context where the person being inducted into performing such an act would be a minor. The major victims of sex trafficking according to (Kunze, 2010) include the women and children. The sex business in the US operates uniquely in all parts whether urban or rural with the study on sex trafficking by Walters and Davis (2011) observing the presence of internationally trafficked women across the country. Whereas there are sex enterprises operating or incorporated legally, there are those operating illegally behind legal businesses like nail salons or restaurants. Further, the researchers observe the advertisement of sex businesses in varied ways including the print media such as newspapers, periodicals, sex guides and even billboards. The owners of these businesses could be families or prominent persons in local communities including lawyers and judges. Majority of those used in these sex businesses would be foreign citizens trafficked into the US. Loftus (2011) regards human trafficking as the second largest form of global criminal enterprise globally with US Department of

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