Saturday, October 19, 2019

Applied Business Project International Business Coursework

Applied Business Project International Business - Coursework Example Moreover, the company even develops software products and ensures their customers of the availability of parts and accessories for their computing needs. HP even gives support and consulting services, the cloud computing which is a revolutionary way of saving data as well as business and IT outsourcing (HP Website, HP Products and Services 2011). The company has indeed come a long way from the humble beginnings of the HP founders. Now, almost every office in the world has HP products. The brand has been a worldwide name and its products and services continue to help shape businesses and even lives all over. Also, the HP way has been scattered across many countries not just in the Americas but across Europe, the Middle East and even across Asia Pacific (for the complete list see Appendix 1). However, the company also experiences many challenges. Moreover, with the advent of globalization, there has been increasing pressure both in and out of the organisation. This is expected though s ince there will be many more competitors in the global arena much more the diverse customer base that companies operating globally have to satisfy. As aptly reported in the 2010 annual report of the company, HP products are sold globally and their services are exposed internationally. Hence, the company’s thrust is fuelled by a diverse global network of business and technical experts that powers the operations of the company and makes the global presence of HP formidable. Hence, it is important that the company is able to manage their diverse global workforce. The cultures of different countries play greatly into the capability of the company and the employees to work harmoniously with each other. It is therefore... It would be a waste of time for HP to set up business to set up shop in some dirt poor country that is void of infrastructure that will necessitate the utilization of the products. Any company would avoid countries with political conflicts which bring about the second advantage which is the political advantage. Countries that are boasting of good governance and respectable taxing institutions are usually the places to go that attracts foreign business strongly. Finally, there is the social and cultural advantage wherein the culture plays a crucial role.HP is not merely an employer but a seller and buyer as well and the company ought to be able to fit into the prevailing trends in their target country to ensure the sustainability of their business. It is important that the company takes into account the internalization advantage that they may utilize wherein they can opt to use different forms of strategies to get into their target markets. HP has many subsidiaries in different countr ies and they ensure that the company's strategies are aptly calibrated to the preferences of the host countries. The company ought to continue their innovative nature. The HP way has provided the company with the ways and means to do so but as Robinson and Chiang puts it, all companies whether they are neophytes or are already established must be able to ensure that their products are continuously patronized by their markets as well as the inherent need especially in the technology sector to anticipate these demands.

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