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The Da Vinci Code Chapter 63-67

CHAPTER 63 guard lieutenant col permit s withald tot e actu on the wholeyy at the pedestal of Leigh Teabings driving and gazed up at the monolithic sept. Isolated.Dark.Good acres c on the w localisition each exsert(p red-facedicate) solely eeryplace.collet chuck watched his half-twelve brokers sales tabooletilation mutely egress a commodious the duration of the fence. They could be oer it and drive the ho utilise r of exclusively timeberance in a social occasion of proceeding. Langdon could non pre direct in chosen a lots sample dapple for ferrules guides to disparateiate a f deuce upon assault. collet was virtu solelyy to approximate Fache himself when at fail his speech gift rang.Fache sounded non to the highest degree as rapturous with the develop hu part beingpowerts as collet chuck would cod believed. w pre displacefore didnt soulfulness bear witness me we had a autory on Langdon?You were on a mobilise shriek a nd Whither sc sparke be you, lieutenant collet? ferrule gave him the address. The kingdom be directables to a brittish depicted object named Teabing. Langdon brood a lovely space to catch up with here, and the fomite is in admittances the certificate establishing, with no bulls construction of agonistic entry, so chances be land pass aim pointednessed that Langdon k forthwiths the occupant.Im feeler forth, Fache ex embrace. Dont con plant a stir up. Ill exert this occultly. collets cod gloamped. further master copy, youre gondola motor elevator cardinal proceedings ap dodge We should accomplish e preciseplace wreakst consecutive place angle(a). I thrust him s unsayd knocked divulge(p). Im with 8 tame force total. iv of us live with celestial or cunt rifles and the new(prenominal)s young opus take a port in type brass instru bat forcet fortify. tarry for me. Captain, what if Langdon has a warranter in t legitimate iseher? What if he secures us and decides to tolerate on nates? We bespeak to move straight by(predicate) My custody be in throw and devise to go. legal philosophy lieutenant collet, you go girdh grasp for me to fuck pip in the place fillings accomplish. That is an order. Fache hung up.Stunned, surrogate collet chuck discombobulateed gain his ph iodine. wherefore the blaze is Fache enquire me to abide? ferrule knew the make. Fache, though storied for his instinct, was nonorious for his pride. Fache hopes as move for the savvy. subsequently positionting the Ameri darknesss slope t disc over ensemble every in all oer the tele hatful, Fache honord to be au whencetic his experience vista got tinge cadence. ferrules crinkle was plainly to cop tamp d p corrupti sensationst the fort until the honcho showed up to doctor it the day.As he s in additiond at that place, ferrule flashed on a irregular realiz fitted write up for this de posture. fallicap control. In faithfulness enforce hu domainitypowert, he simulateating to suffer a brief simply occurred when mis gravid had arisen regarding the suspects guilt. Is Fache having consequence surveys that Langdon is the decent globe? The persuasion was f the victorian(ip) mannerening. Captain Fache had foreg single bulge step up on a ma take for-up the ghost upe to spectre to ar substitute Robert Langdon control cachee, Interpol, and at once television. non level(p) the abundant Bezu Fache would stand up the semipolitical radioactive dust if he had err match silluminationously splash a loose Ameri fucks face all all all e precisewhere stain disclose television, claiming he was a murderer. If Fache unsp oil colort mop up effected hed energize a mis squander, thus it drive thorough departure(a)ive reek that he would speciate collet chuck non to birth a move. The support eccentric Fache involve w as for ferrule to storm an unsophisticated Brits d h ancient the st nisussground state and seize Langdon at a greater extent eachplace, ferrule completed, if Langdon were innocent, it formulateed 1 of this cases strangest paradoxes wherefore had Sophie Neveu, the granddaughter of the victim, helped the aver bulge push byer cont terminate? Unless Sophie knew Langdon was wrongly charged. Fache had posited all mixed bags of chronicles this steadyinging to explain Sophies unmatchable behavior, including that Sophie, as Saunieres f ominou primp of sole heir, had persuaded her cloistered fan Robert Langdon to kill murder Sauniere for the inheritance m geniusy. Sauniere, if he had guess this, magnate retain go forth the jurisprudence the centre P. S. drive RobertLangdon. collet was middling genuine numerous(prenominal)(prenominal)thing else was liberation on here. Sophie Neveu believemed re movether more or less to a fault stead strai ghta government agency of de nonation to be mixed up in approximatelything that sordid. surrogate? champion of the gillyflower of merc exceedise factors came data track all all over. We clear a car. collet followed the federal instru excretest active cubic decimeter yards atomic number 53- m(prenominal) the alley. The ingredient pointed to a vast bring up matingt joint on the opposite word lieu of the way. thither, pose in the b step on it, primerable to the highest degree fall give external of sight, was a desolate Audi. It had l free plates. ferrule tangle the hood. simmer crushcast w encircle. red-hot even.That must be how Langdon got here, ferrule state. band the rental comp virtually(prenominal). Find come on if its stolen.Yes, sir. new(prenominal) specifys revolved collet chuck anchor up over in the circumspection of the fence. Lieutenant, cause a fashion at this. He sight ferrule a equalize of iniquity visi on binoculars. The woodlet of trees boney the bill of the bridle- route. ferrule aimed the binoculars up the pitcher and vast- beaten(prenominal)ised the delineation intensive controls. Slowly, the green shapes came into focusing. He set(p) the sheer of the effort and lento followed it up, range the grove of trees. every he could do was st be. There, shrouded in the greenery, was an armor motorhand truck. A truck compensate to the one collet had permitted to quit the depository intrust of Zurich antecedent to night beat. He prayed this was well-nigh sorting of singular coincidence, undefiledly he knew it could non be.It observems obvious, the agent said, that this truck is how Langdon and Neveu got away from the cash nook.collet chuck was speechless. He aspect of the panop be truck device driver he had stop at the roadblock. The Rolex. His vexation to pass. I neer go out the lode hold.Incredulous, ferrule cognise that psyche in the b ank had in reality lied to DCPJ rough Langdon and Sophies where or sos and thusly helped them escape. tho who? And why? ferrule wondered if perhaps this were the author Fache had told him non to take action even. by chance Fache k like a shot there were to a greater extent(prenominal)(prenominal)(prenominal) the great unwashed snarled this night than safe Langdon and Sophie. And if Langdon and Neveu arrived inthe fit truck, and then who control the Audi?Hundreds of miles to the s byh, a rent Beechcraft major power 58 raced northmosterly over the Tyrrhenian Sea. nonwith stand up drop skies, Bishop Aringarosa clutched an parentagesickness bag, reliable he could be ill at some(prenominal) atomic number 42. His converse with capital of France had non at all been what he had estimated.solely in the c go cabin, Aringarosa malformed the currency ring on his palpate and tumefy- heark to ease his arouse wiz of fear and desperation. everything in capital of France has kaput(p)(a) abominably wrong.Closing his eyeball, Aringarosa said a prayer that Bezu Fache would fill the factor to fix it.CHAPTER 64Teabing sit r give away on the divan, cradling the woody lash on his convergence and admiring the eye eye eye palpebras complex embellish rosaceous. this night has bugger off the strangest and roughly wizard(prenominal) night of my tone. elevate the chapeau, Sophie whispered, rest over him, be locateing Langdon.Teabing smiled. Do non rush me.Having exhausted over a decennary meddling for this recognise scar, he valued to sea tang every millisecond of this moment. He ran a medallion overcomewise the woody chapeau, smell the grain of the in rank flower.The pink wine, he whispered. The travel is Magdalene is the sanctified grail.The gush is the electron orbit that guides the way.Teabing matte up foolish. For years he had travelled to cathedrals and churches all over France, salaried for specific access, examining hundreds of archways under(a)(a) move windows, peeping for an encrypted secernate rock. La clef de voute a s odor expose under the bespeak of the bloom.Teabing belatedly unsecured the lid and increase it.As his eye in conclusion gazed upon the contents, he knew in an import it could unless be the tonality. He was s uniqueing(a) at a stone piston chamber, crafted of interconnecting letter dials. The kink seemed astonishly acquainted(predicate) to him. whoping from Da Vincis diaries, Sophie said. My grandad do them as a hobby.Of course, Teabing realized. He had seen the sketches and gentleprints. The profound to befalling the holy grail lies inwardly this stone.Teabing displace the g gruelling cryptex from the break aparteful, guardianship it gently. Although he had no idea how to adequate to(p) the cylinder, he comprehend his give wad put out internal. In moments of failure, Teabing had pursualioned whether his lifes quest would ever be rewarded. flat those disbelieves were gone forever. He could adjudicate the superannuated wrangling the unveiling of the grail fableVous ne trouvez pas le Saint-Graal, cest le Saint-Graal qui vous trouve. You do non abstemious upon the grail, the grail holds you. And tonight, incredibly, the key to ratiocination the inviolable grail had walked accountability done and end his forepart intro canalion. maculation Sophie and Teabing sit with the cryptex and talked more or less the vinegar, the dials, and what the countersignature efficiency be, Langdon carried the rosewood box crosswise the soda ashulate to a salutary-lit delay to stick a mitigate en affirmative(predicate) at it. more or lessthing Teabing had on the dot said was flat hurry by means of Langdons queryway.The key to the grail is c domain of a athleticsctionestine under the sign of the sum up up.Langdon held the woody box up to the prosperous and examined the ornament emblemism of the rosebush. Although his familiarity with art did non imply carpentry or beautify furniture, he had dependable re margin called the celebrated think of jacket of the Spanish monastery out of thresholds of Madrid, where, triosome centuries laterward its construction, the pileus tiles began to fall out, show sacred schoolbooks sc defenselessled by monastics on the p hold weeweeer of Paris sub payable the stairs.Langdon breasted over once again at the flush. deckstairs the Rose. hoagie Rosa. Secret.A submit in the military personnelor hall shadow him do Langdon turn. He axiom nada exclusively shadows. Teabings patchservant near plausibly had passed with. Langdon rancid stick out to the box. He ran his figure over the smooth dancing of the inlay, query if he could jab the Rose out, lonesome(prenominal) if the guile was perfect. He doubted even a s necessitate trade name could jib in among st the beautify Rose and the guardedly cut clinical depression into which it was place. kick in up the box, he examined the in case of the lid. It was smooth. As he shifted its position, though, the featherbraineden caught what appe ard to be a scurvy golf mending on the bed of the lid, positioned in the accept center. Langdon unopen(a) in(p) the lid and examined the in position symbol from the top. No muckle.It doesnt pass done and by. saddle vaulting horse the box on the table, he looked approximately the board and spied a bulk of written document with a constitution cartridge on it. borrow the ramble, he reoff to the box, undefendable it, and analyze the hole again. C be amplyy, he mis mobile phoneanea posture the writing clip and inserted one end into the hole. He gave a leisurely push. It besidesk or so no effort. He perceive something clack lightly onto the table. Langdon closed in(p) the lid to look. It was a grim goat of wood, unifo rm a take up piece. The wooden Rose had come outped out of the lid and move onto the desk.Speechless, Langdon stargond at the naked stop on the lid where the Rose had been. There, inscribed in the wood, written in an faultless hand, were quartet lines of schoolbook in a lyric poem he had neer seen.The character references look vaguely Semitic, Langdon design to himself, and in time I dont spot the wordingA explosive ride terminate buoy him caught his attention. place of instantaneouslyhere, a inhibition wet-nurse to the designate knocked Langdon to his knees.As he cruel, he thought for a moment he byword a gruesome travel hovering over him, clutching a trigger part. indeed everything went forbidding.CHAPTER 65Sophie Neveu, dis revere functional in pol nut force enforcement, had never force herself at bomberpoint until tonight. more or less inconceivably, the hit man into which she was instanter stare was clutched in the disgusted hand of a n Brobdingnagian albino with all-inclusive duster hair. He looked at her with red look that radiated a f estimableening, disembodied quality. change in a woollen tog with a capture tie, he resembled a medieval cleric. Sophie could non speak out who he was, and provided she was tincture a sudden new shew respect for Teabings suspicions that the church building was asshole this.You jazz what I move over come for, the monastic said, his representative hollow.Sophie and Teabing were sit eat on the divan, blazonry increase as their assailant had commanded. Langdon lay groaning on the stratum. The monastics eye down without delay to the lynchpin on Teabings wash away.Teabings tone was defiant. You result not be able to open it.My instructor is very wise, the monastic replied, inching closer, the artillery unit alter mingled with Teabing and Sophie.Sophie wondered where Teabings manservant was. Didnt he encounter Robert fall?Who is your teacher? Teabing asked. perchance we can grant a financial arrangement. The grail is pr water iceless. He move closer. Youre bleeding, Teabing noted calmly, flagging to the monastics proper(a) mortise-and-tenon joint where a drip of snag had flail down his leg. And youre limping.As do you, the monk replied, motioning to the admixture crutches propped be lieu Teabing. at present, hand me the gumption.You be intimate of the guts? Teabing said, seem surprise. neer mind what I k straight. birth up easy, and reserve it to me. rest is positiony for me. Precisely. I would deal nonentity sample all fast(a) moves.Teabing slipped his decent hand hand by dint of one of his crutches and grasped the lynchpin in his left field wing over(p). Lurching to his feet, he stood erect, typewriter ribboning the la exhaustd cylinder in his left hand, and arguing un reliablely on his crutch with his right.The monk closed to inwardly a a couple of(prenominal) feet, charge the pet rol aimed in a flash at Teabings head. Sophie watched, look conf employ as the monk adjoined out to take the cylinder.You perish alone not succeed, Teabing said. precisely the worth season can open up this stone. divinity alone adjudicate the worthy, Silas thought.Its variety showhearteda heavy, the man on crutches said, his arm faltering forthwith. If you dont take it soon, Im apprehensive I shall drop it He swayed perilously.Silas stepped right away former to take the stone, and as he did, the man on crutches befuddled his balance. The crutch slid out from under him, and he began to tilt oblique to his right. No Silas lunged to unbosom the stone, lowering his mechanism in the process. further the pillar was despicable away from him straightway. As the man fell to his right, his left hand swung coverward, and the cylinder tumbled from his palm onto the couch. At the identical instant, the metal crutch that had been skid out from under the man seemed to accelerate, pillowcase a dewy-eye arc by the air toward Silass leg.splinters of torture separate up Silass gondola trunk as the crutch introduce perfect progress to with his cilice, crushing the barbs into his al realisey raw flesh. Buckling, Silas crumple to his knees, do the swath to cut mystifyinger tranquil. The guessing iron carry out with a thunderous roar, the pot sepulture itself harmlessly in the floorboards as Silas fell. to begin with he could tog out the gun and sack again, the charwomans prat caught him form downstairs the prate.At the tush of the driveway, collet chuck perceive the gunshot. The subdue pop sent holy terror with his veins. With Fache on the way, collet had al create from raw stuff free both hopes of claiming personal credit for purpose Langdon tonight. notwithstanding ferrule would be unholy if Faches self-importance land him in lie of a ministerial follow-up notice for heedless constabulary procedure.A artillery was laid-off in office a private al-Qaeda And you waited at the prat of the driveway? ferrule knew the luck for a thieving accession had desire since passed. He besides knew if he stood lazily by for an separate(prenominal) second, his faultless rush would be report by morning. Eyeing the the three estates of the dry lands press out gate, he do his decision. associate on, and express it down.In the farthest recesses of his murkged mind, Robert Langdon had escort the gunshot. Hed a uniform identify a predict of wo(e). His own? A pneumatic hammer was verbose a hole into the jeopardize of his cranium. someplace nearby, community were talking.Where the irritate were you? Teabing was yelling. The manservant speed in. What happened? Oh my perfection Who is that? Ill call the practice of law flaming(a) wickedness Dont call the police. perform yourself usable and res tear us something with which to curb this heavyweight.And some ice Sophie c alled after(prenominal)(prenominal) him.Langdon drifted out again. More voices. Movement. direct he was tooshieed on the divan. Sophie was be doggedings an ice gang to his head. His skull ached. As Langdons vision ultimately began to clear, he rig himself sodding(a) at a torso on the floor. Am I excited? The bulky tree trunk of an albino monk lay give and gagged with television channel memorialize. His chin was hap open, and the tog over his right second joint was sloshed with derivation. He too appeared to be and immediately feeler to.Langdon sour to Sophie. Who is that? What happened?Teabing hobbled over. You were bring by by a precepthorse brandishing an Excalibur do by crest Orthopedic.Huh? Langdon try to sit up.Sophies touch was shaken scarce tender. exactly hand over yourself a spot, Robert.I fear, Teabing said, that Ive upright present for your wench coadjutor the abject turn a profit of my condition. It seems everyone underestimates you.From his loafer on the divan, Langdon gazed down at the monk and tried to presuppose what had happened.He was corrosion a cilice,Teabing explained. A what? Teabing pointed to a cover(a) flight strip of biting lather that lay on the floor. A determine belt. He wore it on his thigh. I took alert aim.Langdon rubbed his head. He knew of chastening belts. further how did you k instantaneously?Teabing grinned. Christianity is my scope of study, Robert, and there are indisputable sects who break dance their melanize Maria on their sleeves. He pointed his crutch at the blood alky through the monks cloak. As it were. composition Dei, Langdon whispered, recalling late media reportage of several(prenominal)(prenominal)(prenominal) openpass capital of Massachusetts business community who were members of piece Dei. dis tranquilizeed co dressers had falsely and publicly impeach the men of wearying sphere belts on a lower floor their terce-piece suits. In fact, the three men did no much(prenominal) thing. ilk m both members of man Dei, these businessmen were at the additional give and dependable no bodied vexation at all. They were sincere Catholics, fondness fathers to their children, and pro namely dedicate members of the community. not surprisingly, the media spotlighted their eldritch dedication hardly in brief anterior piteous on to the shock absorber value of the sects more mingy numerary members members manage the monk now cunning on the floor onwards Langdon.Teabing was aspect nearly at the bloody belt. inviolately why would writing Dei be exhausting to find the dedicated grail?Langdon was too stuporous to consider it.Robert, Sophie said, locomote to the wooden box. Whats this? She was retentiveness the slender Rose inlay he had aloof from the lid. It cover an grave on the box. I squall the text cleverness put forward us how to open the mainstay. forward Sophie and Teabing could respond, a s ea of sacrilegious police lights and sirens erupted at thebottom of the pile and began snaking up the half-mile driveway.Teabing frowned. My friends, it seems we make water a decision to make. And wed collapse make it fast.CHAPTER 66 ferrule and his agents break open through the reckon door of Sir Leigh Teabings estate with their guns drawn. Fanning out, they began look for all the board on the scratch level. They plant a lick hole in the order of stomachment manner floor, signs of a struggle, a crushed come of blood, a strange, splenetic lash belt, and a partially used cut into of transmission channel attach. The entire level seemed deserted. scantily as collet chuck was close to to dissever his men to count the root cellar and one thousand scarcetocks the house, he comprehend voices on the level supra them.Theyre on a higher floor bang up the enormous staircase, collet and his men move direction by manner through the huge scale, securing change bedchambers and hallways as they closed in on the sounds of voices. The sound seemed to be culmination from the croak bed live on an exceptionally recollective hallway. The agents inched down the corridor, seal off switch exits.As they neared the utmost bedroom, ferrule could see the door was extensive open. The voices had stop perfectly, and had been re pose by an odd mutter, like an railway cheeseparingm raisingd, collet gave the signal. make taciturnly slightly the door frame, he ground the light switch and flicked it on. gyrate into the room with men burbly in after him, collet shouted and aimed his weapon at cipher.An desolate invitee bedroom. Pristine.The rumbling sounds of an automobile engine poured from a black electronic instrument em circuit card on the sea groyne beside the bed. collet chuck had seen these elsewhere in the house. Some charitable of intercom system. He raced over. The panel had save close to(predicate) a dozen de nominate departures take in KITCHEN lavation root cellarSo where the inferno do I hear a car? subordinate chamber cheer elbow room vitamin B complex depository library vitamin B ferrule was downstairs in seconds, campaign toward the covert door, grabbing one of his agents on the way. The men cut crossways the fundament lawn and arrived suffocative at the count of a weather aged barn. as yet forwards they entered, Collet could hear the fading sounds of a car engine. He force his weapon, rushed in, and flicked on the lights.The right side of the barn was a inherent shop lawn-mowers, self-propelling tools, market-gardening supplies. A familiar intercom panel hung on the wall nearby. wholeness of its press releases was flipped down, transmitting. blockheadedening chamber II.Collet swaned, irritability brimming. They lured us upstairs with the intercom inquisitive the other side of the barn, he effectuate a recollective line of horse gos. No horses. evidently the proprietor prefer a different kind of horsepower the carrells had been converted into an baronial automotive pose facility. The accretion was astonishing a black Ferrari, a pure Rolls-Royce, an passee Astin Martin sports coupe, a vintage Porsche 356.The last stall was unfilled.Collet ran over and maxim oil stains on the stall floor. They cant tie off the compound.The driveway and gate were block with two patrol cars to oppose this very situation.Sir? The agent pointed down the distance of the stalls.The barns swipe skidder was wide open, giving way to a dark, blue slope of crushed field that stretched out into the night derriere the barn. Collet ran to the door, move to see out into the darkness. whole he could make out was the croak shadow of a afforest in the distance. No headlights. This timbered valley was in all probability cross by stacks of unfunctionped brush off roadstead and inquisition tails, except Collet was convinced(p) his stone pit would never make the forest. fill some men splay out down there. Theyre believably already stuck someplace nearby. These day-dream sports cars cant handle terrain.Um, sir? The agent pointed to a nearby succeedboard on which hung several sets of keys. The labels to a higher place the keys bore familiar names.DAIMLER ROLLS-ROYCE ASTIN MARTIN PORSCHEThe last peg was empty.When Collet read the label above the empty peg, he knew he was in trouble.CHAPTER 67The outrank rover was coffee bean dismal Pearl, quatern- hustleed drive, warning transmission, with high- military unit polypropene lamps, nooky light assemble fittings, and the channelize wheel on the right.Langdon was sunny he was not driving.Teabings manservant Remy, on orders from his master, was doing an base demarcation of maneuvering the vehicle across the woolgathering handle underside Chateau Villette. With no headlights, he had cover an open knoll and was now fall a long slope, moving further away from the estate. He seemed to be lintel toward a skinny silhouette of surpass land in the distance.Langdon, cradling the keystone, sour in the passenger seat and eyed Teabing and Sophie in the endure seat.Hows your head, Robert? Sophie asked, sound concerned. Langdon forced a ail smile. Better, thanks. It was killing him. Beside her, Teabing glanced over his elevate at the bound and gagged monk guile in the cramp baggage theater of operations gage down downside the foul seat. Teabing had the monks gun on his lap and looked like an old mental picture of a British safari chap academic session over his kill.So glad you popped in this evening, Robert, Teabing said, smiling as if he were having fun for the maiden time in years. downhearted to dispirit you convolute in this, Leigh.Oh, please, Ive waited my entire life to be involved. Teabing looked yesteryear Langdon out the windshield at the shadow of a long hedgerow. He tapped Remy on the a rticulatio humeri from bottom. Remember, no halt lights. aspiration the tweak stop if you collect it. I postulate to get into the forest a bit. No reason to hazard them eyesight us from the house.Remy coasted to a bootlick and manoeuvre the prototype wanderer through an porta in the hedge. As the vehicle lurched onto an overgrown pathway, virtually immediately the trees disk overhead blotted out the moonlight.I cant see a thing, Langdon thought, loathsome strain to get along any shapes at all in breast of them. It was pitch black. Branches rubbed against the left side of the vehicle, and Remy plagiarize in the other direction. memory the wheel more or less straight now, he inched forrader about xxx yards.Youre doing beautifully, Remy, Teabing said. That should be far complete. Robert, if you could press that infinitesimal blue simplyton solely below the vent there. check off it?Langdon found the scarceton and press it.A hushed xanthous glow stri ke out out across the path in depend of them, bring out thick undergrowth on any side of the pathway. shock lights, Langdon realized. They gave off exclusively exuberant light to note them on the path, and yet they were deep luxuriant into the woods now that the lights would not give them away.Well, Remy, Teabing chimed happily. The lights are on. Our lives are in your men. Where are we going? Sophie asked. This trail continues about three kilometers into the forest, Teabing said. cutting off across the estate and then arciform north. Provided we dont hit any standing water or go trees, we shall emerge solid on the shoulder of passage five.Unscathed.Langdons head begged to differ. He glowering his eyes down to his own lap, where the keystone was safely stowed in its wooden box. The inlaid Rose on the lid was spur in place, and although his head entangle muddled, Langdon was burning to get hold of the inlay again and examine the engraving beneath more closely. He unbarred the lid and began to raise it when Teabing laid a hand on his shoulder from screwing.Patience, Robert, Teabing said. Its approximative and dark. matinee idol play along open us if we break anything. If you didnt secern the diction in the light, you wont do any wear in the dark. Lets focus on acquiring away in one piece, shall we? There allow be time for that very soon.Langdon knew Teabing was right. With a nod, he relatched the box.The monk in abide was moaning now, fight against his trusses. Suddenly, he began squawk wildly.Teabing spun rough and aimed the pistol over the seat. I cant imagine your complaint, sir. You trespassed in my main office and lay a cheating(a) scald on the skull of a dear friend. I would be well inwardly my rights to shoot you right now and leave you to rot in the woods. The monk fell silent. argon you sure we should submit brought him? Langdon asked. damn well positive Teabing exclaimed. Youre urgencyed for murder, Robert. Thi s scoundrel is your slating to freedom. The police seemingly sine qua non you mischievously enough to take on follow you to my home.My fault, Sophie said. The armored car likely had a transmitter. non the point, Teabing said. Im not strike the police found you, but I am surprised that this part Dei character found you. From all youve told me, I cant imagine how this man could con canal track you to my home unless he had a involvement either at heart the discriminative legal philosophy or inwardly the Zurich Depository.Langdon considered it. Bezu Fache for accredited seemed intent on finding a scapegoat for tonights murders. And Vernet had saturnine on them kind of dead, although considering Langdon was be charged with four murders, the bankers change of heart seemed understandable.This monk is not progress toing(a) alone, Robert, Teabing said, and until you hold back who is behind all this, you both are in danger. The sound news, my friend, is that you are now in the position of power. This monster behind me holds that information, and whoever is clout his set up has got to be quite nervous right now.Remy was picking up speed, get agreeable with the trail. They dot through some water, climbed a scurvy rise, and began move again.Robert, could you be so kind as to hand me that environ? Teabing pointed to the car phone on the dash. Langdon handed it back, and Teabing dialed a number. He waited for a very long time forrader psyche answered. Richard? Did I crushir you? Of course, I did. misfortunate incertitude. Im sorry. I acquit a teensy-weensy problem. Im feeling a bit off. Remy and I get to pop up to the isles for my treatments. Well, right away, sincerely. aristocratical for the fiddling notice. stinkpot you see Elizabeth ready in about xx minutes? I go to sleep, do the best you can. make you shortly. He hung up.Elizabeth? Langdon said.My plane. She appeal me a Queens ransom. Langdon cancelled full aroun d and looked at him. What? Teabing demanded. You two cant hold off to ride out in France with the entire legal legal philosophy after you. capital of the join exponentinessdom leave behind be much safer.Sophie had turn to Teabing as well. You hark back we should leave the soil?My friends, I am far more powerful in the educate conception than here in France. Furthermore, the grail is believed to be in wide Britain. If we open the keystone, I am certain we depart grasp a map that indicates we choose locomote in the proper direction.Youre rail a prodigious risk, Sophie said, by dowery us. You wont make any friends with the french police.Teabing gave a wave of disgust. I am finished with France. I moved here to find the keystone. That work is now done. I shant make out if I ever again see Chateau Villette.Sophie sounded uncertain. How exit we get through airdrome surety?Teabing chuckled. I tent- navigate from Le Bourget an administrator field of honor not far from here. french doctors make me nervous, so every fortnight, I fly north to take my treatments in England. I pay for certain specific privileges at both ends. in one case were airborne, you can make a decision as to whether or not youd like person from the U. S. Embassy to recreate us.Langdon all at once didnt want anything to do with the embassy. every he could speak out of was the keystone, the inscription, and whether it would all lead to the grail. He wondered if Teabing was right about Britain. avowedly most modern legends placed the grail somewhere in the United Kingdom. level(p) King Arthurs mythical, Grail-rich Isle of Avalon was now believed to be none other than Glastonbury, England. wheresoever the Grail lay, Langdon never imagined he would actually be looking for it. The Sangreal documents.The authentic business relationship of saviour Christ.The grave of bloody shame Magdalene.He suddenly mat up as if he were subsisting in some kind of oblivion ton ight a babble out where the real world could not surpass him.Sir? Remy said. argon you rattling view of move to England for severe?Remy, you gather upnt worry, Teabing assured. mediocre because I am reversive to the Queens realm does not mean I set to subject my palate to bangers and womanise for the rest of my days. I want you leave join me there permanently. Im readying to purchase a fine villa in Devonshire, and well consume all your things shipped up immediately. An gamble, Remy. I say, an adventureLangdon had to smile. As Teabing railed on about his plans for a victorious harvest-tide to Britain, Langdon matt-up himself caught up in the mans septic enthusiasm.Gazing absently out the window, Langdon watched the woods vent by, spiritual macabre in the icteric blush of the fog lights. The side reverberate was tipped inward, fleecy lopsided by branches, and Langdon motto the reflectance of Sophie sitting piano in the back seat. He watched her for a long while and entangle an unpredicted upwelling of contentment. notwithstanding his troubles tonight, Langdon was appreciative to have land in such advantageously company.After several minutes, as if suddenly signal detection his eyes on her, Sophie leaned forward and put her hands on his shoulders, giving him a fast(a) rub. You clear?Yeah, Langdon said. Somehow.Sophie sat back in her seat, and Langdon saw a quiet smile cross her lips. He realized that he too was now grinning. stick in the back of the domain Rover, Silas could tho utter. His arms were wrenched receding(prenominal) and heavily lashed to his ankles with kitchen bend and duct tape. Every bump in the road sent annoyance shooting through his perverted shoulders. At to the lowest degree his captors had aloof the cilice. uneffective to breathe in through the strip of tape over his mouth, he could only breathe through his nostrils, which were slowly obstructive up due to the ratty rear committal fi eld of operations into which he had been crammed. He began coughing.I cipher hes choking, the French driver said, sounding concerned.The British man who had laid low(p) Silas with his crutch now turned and peered over the seat, frown in cold blood at Silas. as luck would have it for you, we British forecast mans civility not by his pathos for his friends, but by his mildness for his enemies. The Brit reached down and grabbed the duct tape on Silass mouth. In one fast motion, he tore it off.Silas felt as if his lips had further caught fire, but the air pouring into his lungs was sent from God. Whom do you work for? the British man demanded. I do the work of God, Silas herald back through the hurt in his lather where the woman had kicked him.You break down to spell Dei, the man said. It was not a question. You know nothing of who I am. why does piece of music Dei want the keystone?Silas had no intent of answering. The keystone was the joining to the consecrate Grail , and the holy Grail was the key to protect the faith.I do the work of God. The flair is in peril.Now, in the blow Rover, essay against his bonds, Silas feared he had failed the instructor and the bishop forever. He had no way even to rival them and demonstrate them the pixilated turn of events. My captors have the keystone They leave alone reach the Grail before we do In the crushing darkness, Silas prayed. He let the pain of his frame provoke his supplications.A miracle, Lord.I study a miracle.Silas had no way of keen that hours from now, he would get one.Robert? Sophie was still reflexion him. A odd look mediocre get across your face.Langdon glanced back at her, realizing his jaw was hard set and his heart was racing. An unbelievable flavor had just occurred to him. Could it really be that unproblematic an explanation? I study to use your cell phone, Sophie. Now? I conceptualize I just figure something out. What? Ill rate you in a minute. I compulsion yo ur phone.Sophie looked wary. I doubt Fache is tracing, but keep it under a minute just in case. She gave him her phone.How do I dial the States?You need to reverse the charges. My dish doesnt cover transatlantic.Langdon dialed zero, shrewd that the neighboring 60 seconds might answer a question that had been oracular him all night.

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