Saturday, June 15, 2019

Confucianism Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 3

Confucianism - Essay ExampleAccording to Confucius, a good governing body system should have high respect for traditions and age, encourage group efforts, and appreciate hierarchy of control and morality. He acknowledged the need for social harmony and rescript of social activities. This would only be achieved if every person acknowledges his social rank and behaves according to his rank. This is based on his phrase A adorn for everyone and everyone in his place. In this regard, Confucius developed an interdependent relationship structure that had lower rank individuals give obedience to their colleagues in the higher ranks. In addition, he also introduced a horizontal relationship system characterized by great trust between family members and friends. This led to great regard of age and authority in the society (Yong, 18). consolidation of the Confucianism in the education system would ensure that students highly respect age and authority, strengthen their family and friendship t ies ensure politeness within the society (Yong, 18). Secondly, Confucianism advocates for collectivism that is demonstrate in the modern Chinese society today, compared to individualism of the western society. Group membership and collective operation of individuals is usually in terms of their families, their community, clan and at last their nation. This ensures modesty and humility. If integrated in the U.S. education system it ensures that students learn the importance of humility and social responsibility resulting to the well being of the entire society (Yong, 18).Confucianism additionally holds high regards scholarship knowledge, integrity and education. The meritocracy resulted to introduction of written imperial examination system. Anyone who proved worth and passed this examination was allowed to be a government official. Confucius philosophy on education was that social harmony would be achieved if availed to all people irrespective of

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