Tuesday, May 28, 2019

St. Valentines Day Massacre :: American History

In the roaring twenties, the life of organized discourtesys was at its peak. What was the greatest stack hit ever pulled off in history? Well Ill tell you. It all happened on Valentines Day, the morning of February 14th, 1929. This incident was call, The St. Valentines Day Massacre. The man tin this infamous crime was n wiz other than, the infamous Al Scarface Capone. Al Capone was the all time greatest mobster of all time. The idea of organized crime fascinates me in so many ways. Capone was the only person to have pulled off such a crime. Al Capone was top gangster in Chicago and was one of the greatest members of the Italian Mafia and George Bugs Moran was the leader of the Irish/German mafia and he was the main target behind this hit. He targeted Capone because Al Capones had a bounty on his head, $60,000,000, and found George Moran as a threat. George was Capones biggest threat of all. He indispensable to take him out quickly. (Al Capone, True Crime Story). Writing this pap er lead let me learn a lot more about this massacre. There is one question I would like answered, Why hadnt Morans crew made an elbow grease to fight back? (Al Capone, True Crime Story). Morans men had a long history of being violent with others. This is one question that we will never know. My to the highest degree used source on this essay will be internet information and a book. I feel these sources will give me the most measuring of information. Using a magazine will too but it was very hard to find a 20s magazine article.A mob hit such as this one seems tough but only someone with the man power and skill could have pulled it off. It took Capone awhile to think about because he needed an alibi. His alibi was finally established and it was time to go to part one of the Valentines Day Massacre. Something you probably didnt know was Al Capone did not participate in the killings or plans of this crime. All though Capone was the main man behind the massacre, he had Machine Gun Mc Gurn take care of the set up. Jack McGurn was responsible for many of Chicagos gangland murders, often without Capones consent. McGurn upset Capone on a number of occasions for going over the top in violence, because everything McGurn did reflected on Capone in the media.

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