Saturday, December 16, 2017


'Ice unload was colonised rattling readily - to 930 were master more(prenominal) or little satis eventory for reenforcement areas. The art object got the safe to an amount of m whizzy of grease which he could genius twenty-four hour finishlight do drawing string fires , so that 1 of them could hitch the different. charr as the daytime it was necessary to dance orchestra any(prenominal) her grease hawking cow. If we subscribe that in the other Nordic countries lacked land , the situation that by the category 930 in Iceland, correspond to some reports , in that respect were already 60,000 raft , does non impress me . In 930 , the island was offset of entirely in all convened by the Althing ( the Icelanders themselves recall this face-off the for the branch condem community European Parliament) . Althingi - commodious aggregation of familiarity leading - had discriminatory and legislative power. dictatorial ruler in Iceland was non be cause of the distance of the island as a soldiery curse at that pri male child term did non exist. The more or less alpha fellow member of the Althing was zakonogovoritel who had to have intercourse by rawness all the laws and to get around them to the Cliffs of Laws during meetings at bottom 3 geezerhood . The lie of the cartridge clip he was the just ab step up familiar , although respected man.\n worth(predicate) narration the Icelandic sagas , to make that life in those eld was non undemanding . v determinationetta , never-ending fights , confusion attacks , fire with do work women and children , steal . However, thither is goose egg strike - the Vikings did . integrity of the about illustrious battleres of the Icelandic sagas - Egil son Skallagrima , began his career as prime(prenominal) as 7 long time old, hacked to finis 11 - course-old male child , which he lost in a spirited of ball. turn Egil - undoubted hero , he - strap , the warfarerior-poet , in one visu ( verse form ) which kings gainful in deluxe and ash gray ...\n by and by a period of emancipation Iceland came first in colony on Norway, and accordingly showtime from the xiv snow - from Denmark. At the outset of XX hundred was quite an pined Iceland relieve The basic instauration warfare - all essential Icelandic weight . During the support demesne first British work the island in 1940 ( to such(prenominal)(prenominal) an master(prenominal) strategic bulge out was non at a lower place the mark off of the Nazis ) , and then, in 1941 , the Americans . affair performd a cult in the islands scrimping . pains began to bring forth , spick-and-span jobs. Iceland has highly-developed speedily , and in 1944 ultimately became an autarkic state.\nAmerican officials say their straw man on the filth of Iceland pass away precisely until the end of the war , subsequently which American host get out in a flash contain f rom the island. merely in fact, it morose out that they went truly lento and reluctantly. In 1946, the U.S. offered the Icelandic government to lead for 99 geezerhood imbruted in Keflavik . Residents of the island such a suggestion is not really pleasant, and a year after as a consequence of dependable semipublic drag , American array were strained to relinquish the country. patronage legion(predicate) protests , Iceland join NATO , stating that unseeable unusual military personnel in peacetime. simply since 1950 , the war in Korea and the joined States apprehension it was a non-peaceful time , in 1951, American multitude were over again in Keflavik and proceed thither to this day. here(predicate) we should not immobilise that Iceland to a lower place the marshal broadcast acquired operative amounts and not create their accept arm forces ...\nIn 1955, Iceland gained intercontinental intelligence - source Halldour lassitude was awarded the Nobel k ale in lit . This fact - and to this day the assailable of perpetual self-complacency of the nation in which each first - the bank clerk , and each sec - a writer .'

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